Imagination is the beginning of creation. The dream of 1952 has already crossed more than 50 long years and stands tall like an unquestioned reality. The absolute academic and serene atmosphere of the institution comfort the students and nurture the upliftment of the academic standards, so that they could be transformed into proficient and responsible citizen of tomorrow. Now we have a rich past, a glorious present and a bright future. Vinay Nagar Bengali Senior Secondary School is marching ahead with sole objective of providing quality education to all irrespective of cast creed, religion. It also educates its students to develop the value of discipline, mutual cooperation, social responsibilities and loveable attitude. The sincere dedication and consistent meaningful efforts of the teacher, non-teaching staff, and promising result of our students and whole hearted cooperation of our management are the keys of our grand success. It caters to the need of students who come from the grass root level, even many of them being first generation learners.


Shri Nirmal Kumar Barman (Vice Principal)
Vinay Nagar Bengali Sr. Sec. School